What is this project about?

This project is about shedding light on the natural hair movement and why certain women either embrace or reject the notion of natural hair.

Using photography and film as my media, I will attempt to debunk myths, uncover hidden desires, and bring forth truths about women with natural hair.


After moving to Atlanta, Georgia, I noticed stark differences when it came to natural hair.  In the Northeastern region of the US, there is large number of women with natural hair.  In the Southeast, there is a predominance of permed hair, sew-ins, weaves, synthetic braids, etc.

What causes some women to embrace their natural hair textures more than others?

I need your help to find out the answers to this and other questions that not only I have, but for other women who perhaps would like to go natural and aren’t sure yet.  I will be including personal interviews of the models for the book as well as street interviews of men and women and their opinions of natural hair.

There will be an FAQ section in the book to answer commonly asked questions as well as a listing of products that are recommended according to different hair types.

All of the information, photoshoots, and video interviews will be combined to create this project and manifest in the form of a coffee table book and documentary.

Mae, NaturalChica.com (Photo by Vaughn Dabney):


Corinne Bailey Rae (Photo by: Vaughn Dabney):